How To Start my Own Insurance Agency?

Form the perspective of Captive and Independent Agents

Perhaps you’re a successful insurance agent who’s eager to take your company to the next level and want to know how to start my own insurance agency. Perhaps you’re pondering a career shift and view the insurance business as a lucrative and stable option.
Regardless of why you want to start an insurance company, it may be a wise investment. But, even after you’ve become a certified agent, starting an independent insurance business takes a lot of preparation and hard work.

An insurance agent is one of the most exciting things, and probably one of the best insurance jobs. Suppose you are a captive agent in an insurance agency. In that case, it is important to understand the benefits of a captive or an independent agent.


Captive Agent  in Insurance Agency

A captive agent works for only one insurance carrier. The main goal is to build business for that carrier as allowed to sell only their products and services. Since they work for only one insurance carrier, they have in-depth knowledge about the carrier, their products, premium rates, policies, and guidelines. Captive agents’ reliable source of compensation includes salary, commissions, and added benefits.

Individuals who seek for a consistent and stable income are more focused on being a captive agent. If you are a new insurance agent starting out, being a captive agent might be the right choice for you because you get to learn a lot with a stable income. A benefit of a captive agent includes detailed information on a single carrier, making them look confident and building clients’ trust.

A huge disadvantage of becoming a captive agent is that they are limited to selling what the carrier offers, and you could lose clients because you cannot provide products that suit their needs and budget.

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Independent Agent 

As their name gives away, the independent agent works as a freelancer and collaborates with multiple insurance agencies in Hawaii. Not limited to one carrier; they provide numerous carriers with various insurance policies that they can mix and match to create a customized plan. Independent agents have the freedom to conduct business their way and provide customers with multiple insurance plans and products. They also make more money through commissions as they rely on their effort to get more business.

Independent agents are also independent financial advisors because they are client-focused, and they help their clients select a policy that suits them the best. You can build a network and dense understanding of the market around you because of a multifaceted portfolio. It helps in selling products to people and gain confidence in them. Independent agents can build their schedules, allowing them the freedom and flexibility to choose when and how often they work.

The main drawback in choosing to become an insurance agent is that you should work hard and break through tough times to succeed. You need to have an office setup, filing system for paperwork, and marketing strategy. Being an independent agent is similar to being a business owner, so hustling hard to get prospects comes with it.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both career paths and choose what suits you the most. Being a captive agent has its advantage, and so does being an independent agent. And choose the best best way to start an insurance agency in Hawaii.

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