How Much Does Insurance Cost for A Nonprofit Organization?

A Proper Guideline from Insurance Agents

Have you ever wonder how much does insurance cost for a nonprofit organization? For general liability insurance, nonprofit organizations pay a monthly premium of around $45 or $500 per year. This coverage covers third-party bodily injury and property damage, as well as for advertising-related injuries.

Stepping into the insurance business can be very exciting and intimidating at the same time. Furthermore, it is essential to know which path you want to take inside the insurance industry. There are two types of agents: Captive agents and Independent agents.  Insurance agency Minnesota is one of the state’s largest and fastest-growing independent agencies associated with over 50 top-rated insurance companies.


Along with both agents’ benefits and downsides, we know that not all agents seek the same benefits or environment of the industry. Hence, it is also necessary to choose your career considering the nature of the job and the level of comfort it gives you.

Let’s find out which path will be the best for you.

Captive Agents in Insurance Agency

Captive agents are agents that work for a single insurance company/carrier. They gain in-depth knowledge about all the products, services, and rates the carrier has and then sell it to the clients. Their primary focus is to provide value to their carrier and build their business.

Captive agents gets consistent salary making it number one choice for starter. It allows an agent to stabilize his career alongside gaining knowledge and strengthening his cores. They usually receive training, incentives, and motivational programs along with administrative work.

Since they have extensive knowledge about their carriers’ products and services, they become very confident in front of clients. This attitude impacts positively towards the clients.

However, captive agents are left will nearly no option other than to sell the products of their single carrier only. Often, clients may be looking for offers that vary in many ways, but since captive agents are tied to a specific carrier, they are not allowed to sell more than its limits. This could result in losing valuable clients as clients may drift to other insurance companies seeking better options.

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Independent Agents’ insurance agency in Minnesota

Independent agents are agents that are related to multiple insurance companies. They sell insurance policies from different insurance companies. Independent agents share more flexibility compared to captive agents. They are eligible to sell custom policies as the client’s demand. This further helps in building a strong relationship and gaining trust from the clients.

Independent agents are known to be one-stop-shop as they can provide clients with diversified and better-priced deals due to which clients do not need to go to different agencies. Due to these reasons, many choose to become an independent insurance agent.

With all the benefits mentioned, there are some drawbacks to becoming an independent agent as well. Becoming an independent agent is essentially starting your own business with an office, a great strategy, and risk management abilities, which requires more effort and dedication.

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Final Words

However, when it comes to opportunities and commission percentage, independent agents are ahead in the game. Independent agents are also likely to combine and start up their own insurance agency. For example – Insurance agency Minnesota consists of highly qualified, experienced professionals with ownership in their local operations.

As mentioned earlier, not every agent looks out for the same job with the same benefits. Many factors influence an individual in choosing a path. Hence, one should consider all these factors, do some more research and finalize which way may fit right for them. Search online and get your hands on an interesting insurance blog to learn more about independent and captive agents.

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On the other hand, often successful insurance agency producers use insurance software or an individual agency management system. These insurance agency management systems make it easier to keep things in check.

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